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  • Yes, I remember :) Have you tried watching some of the Youtube videos? They really break it down and make it simple to understand.
    Oh, if you haven't, could you c/p that and post in my thread in my sig saying that I have semi-redis on it? My thread says "don't post" but you can post. and Thank you.

    Oh, and yeah, whenever you want man.
    I'm getting ready to set up a new thread *hopefully* before this weekend when B/W comes out. Turns out a new rule is that "if you didn't RNG it yourself, you have to link to a post saying you have redis on it". I got this from you quiiiiiiite some time ago:

    GASTLY (92) [IMG]
    OT: Blade
    ID: 28109
    Aug. 4, 2009
    L1 UT
    Hypnosis, Lick, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt

    Any chance you could like make a post in your thread (mine's closed atm) saying I got redis on it from you? I appreciate it so much, thank you. :)
    Sure thing. 1 thing though. I just started working on this shiny Timid HP Grass Zapdos on my Japanese Heart Gold Cart. Think it could wait till tomorrow to trade?
    hello i wasnt sure if i should post in your trade thread. So sorry for the vm i am intrested in this guy if your willing to trade him. deyoxs 21-29-31-27-13-31
    Only if hes redi :P a redi for a redi?
    Ok, whenever you're ready. Hopefully I'll be here at the same time as you.
    Hi there. I changed my shop rules for the pokemon you acquired from me, so if you want to get versions without nicknames, let me know. You can distribute them how you like.

    I've just learned how to RNG the IVs on a hatchling. :-)
    I want to apologize to anyone who has been having trouble getting in touch with me. With TCG states and whatnot, I have been extremely busy. However, I'll be checking in here a lot more frequently now that I am on break and have nothing to do. ;_;
    Can you still battle today? I'll try to be on as much as possible today. We're passed the deadline btw -_-.
    Sorry my internet was down for the weekend. I am available anytime during the week that is convenient for you.
    Sorry, I didn't realize that I posted it on mine. well the round ends tomorrow at 5. I can play later tonight hopefully or tomorrow at 11:20ish (GMT -5)
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